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Lee David Painter August 23, 2013 Support / Tips & Tricks

The attached document provides some useful tips on using and integrating Nervepoint Access Manager seamlessly in to your business. By providing advice on best practices this document is focused on making sure you avoid some of the common pitfalls especially when starting your new deployment.

Lee David Painter March 20, 2013 News / Announcements

The following additions have been made to the latest release of Access Manager:


  • 794 - Option to reduce the delivery speed of emails added
  • 829 - Added ability to BCC all outgoing emails
  • 862 - specific emails can be BCC'd using backend scripts (require tech support assistance)

*Issues resolved*

  • 798 - Fullname corrected to read AD display name
  • 838 - Escape Character not removed when writing to postfix config
  • 840 - Number of security fixes
  • 844 - Stop users entering duplicate answers to questions
  • 849 - Remove internal validation on repeat password when performing change password with no password history enabled
  • 850 - Bold Password in VM Console
  • 856 - Clicking the user list box on the popup for sending incomplete profile reminders causes an error
  • 858 - Receiving error if background button is pressed too many times
  • 859 - UI issues with IE 11 and PIN authentication

Lee David Painter December 21, 2012 Getting Started / Installation Guide

This article guides you through installing Nervepoint Access Manager and gets up and running with minimum of fuss.The article simply collates all the key articles from the knowledge base to save you having to find them.

  1. Requirements: this article lists the requirements you need for deploying Nervepoint Access Manager
  2. Installing on VM player: this article walks through installing Nervepoint Access Manager on VM player and the same procedures can be applied to your own Virtual Machine player
  3. Installing on Hyper-V: this article also shows you how to install Access Manager but on a Hyper-V server
  4. Running the Installation Wizard: once the VM image is installed it's time to walk-through the installation process.
  5. VM Console UI: there are a number of configuration options available from the VM console menu understand what they are
  6. Install desktop MSI: with the product installed the final optional item to install is the desktop component

For additional information that is outside the scope of this article please take a look through the forums to find exactly what you need.

The next steps

There are many administrative related articles but to get you started following the Administration Guide Primer.


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