SMS Gateway Configuration: ClickSend

To Configure Access Manager to use ClickSend SMS you will first need to set your Access Manager default sender address as an allowed email address in ClickSend.

To do this login to ClickSend and go to SMS > Email SMS, select the Manage Allowed Addresses option to open the Allowed Email Addresses page. From here select Add New Allowed Email Address and add your SMTP Default Sender Address from the Mail configuration in Access Manager (address located in Configuration > Network > Mail).

You should set the Sender Number to Your Business Name and set a No Reply style name so that users do not try to reply to messages they have been sent.


Now in Access Manager go to Configuration > Network > SMS and set the Provider Email Gateway Address option to:



Clicksend uses values from both the Subject line and email body, go to Configuration > Messaging and locate the SMS Gateway Template notification and set the subject line to a static output that you would like to provide in each SMS, perhaps a reference to your company SMS system, and then set the body of the template to:


This completes the configuration and sending an SMS from Access Manager will now use the ClickSend account.

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