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Access Manager provides a number of different notifications that can be configured, these notifications cover a wide range of different functions that can be performed, and can be used to keep users and the administrators up to date with the status of the system and the user accounts. The following is an explanation of each notification that is currently available.


User Event Notifications

Relevant Notifications:
Password Reset Email, Account Unlock Email, Password Changed Email, Password Reset SMS, Account Unlock SMS, Password Changed SMS

These notifications all cover the core events that users can perform in Access Manager, Resetting or Changing their password, and Unlocking their account. These notifications are sent to the user automatically by the system whenever one of these events takes place and the user has contact details that are configured to accept account notifications.


Password Expiry Notifications

Relevant Notifications:
Password Near Expiry Email, Password Expired Email, Password Near Expiry SMS, Password Expired SMS

Access Manager tracks the amount of time that a password is currently valid for before expiring, through this functionality the system can notify users when the password reaches specific days before expiring, and can also send notifications after the password has expired.

The Password Expiry options can specify the following:
Message Type: define which delivery methods used to send the Password Expiry notifications
Connector types to process: define which directories will be checked for expiring passwords
Days between expired emails: the number of days that the system will wait before sending another password expired notification after the password has expired
Maximum expiry emails age: the maximum number of days the system will continue sending expired password notifications after the password has expired
Warn days before expiry: specify how many days before expiry the system will send the near expiry notification
Only send to active users: specify is the notifications should only be sent to users who have logged into Access Manager at least once
Retry Interval (minutes): the number of minutes before the system will retry sending any notifications that failed to be sent


User Profile Notifications

Relevant Notifications:

User Profile Incomplete Email, Profile Complete Email, User Profile Incomplete SMS, Profile Complete SMS

Each user account in Access Manager has a profile, and it is this profile that determines when a user counts towards the system’s license count. These notifications will inform the user when their profile is currently complete or incomplete based on the system requirements. To begin all profiles are incomplete, and the options for this notification allow it to be automatically sent to new users and a specified interval. When a user completes their profile they will automatically be sent the Profile Complete notification.

Incomplete Profile options:
Automatically remind new users: specify which delivery methods should be used for the automatic notification
Automatic reminder interval (days): the number of days between each incomplete profile notification


Identity Locked Notifications

Relevant Notifications:

Identity Locked Email, Identity Locked Message

These notifications have been added to notify the system administrators when a user has locked their Access Manager account, this can occur when providing incorrect login details for the Password Reset, Account Unlock, and My Account sections. The lock will automatically be released after the time specified in Configuration > Security > Advanced Security Configuration > Failed attempt time-to-live (minutes) option has been reached, the administrators can unlock this early however through the Identities page.

These notifications do not have any specific options and are simply sent to the administrators when triggered.


One Time Password Notifications

Relevant Notifications:

One Time Password Email, One Time Password SMS

Access Manager can be configured to user One-Time Password authentication for certain login processes, these notifications allow you to specify the message that is sent via email or SMS.


Account Linking Notifications

Relevant Notifications:

Account Linked Email, Self Service Account Link Confirmation Email, Account Linked SMS

Linking accounts between multiple directories, or multiple users in the same directory will send a notification to any addresses in the accounts set to receive Account Notifications. If a user is performing a link to Office 365 or Google Apps accounts the Self Service Account Link Confirmation Email will be sent to the O365/GApps account to confirm and authenticate the link.


Provisioning Notifications

Relevant Notifications:

Approval Required Email, Account Requested Email, Account Approved Email, Temporary Rejection Email, Rejected and Deleted Email, Approval Required SMS, Account Requested SMS, Account Approval SMS, Temporary Rejection SMS, Rejected and Deleted SMS

The Provisioning function in Access Manager allows users to request account creation in the directories that are configured in Access Manager. Each of these notifications is send automatically by the system when an account creation request reaches a certain stage. Some of these notifications are sent to the email address provided when the request is made, others are sent to the system administrator and any managers configured for the department the request has been made in.


SMS Delivery

Relevant Notifications:

SMS Gateway Email

When using an SMS Gateway Access Manager will send the notification to the gateway via SMTP, the SMS Gateway Email is the message that is sent and should contain all information required for the gateway to process and sent the message, this information will vary based on the gateway provider in use.


System Admin Notifications

Relevant Notifications:

Software Update Available Email, Major Software Update Available Email, Job Failed Email, Software Update Available SMS, Major Software Update Available SMS, Job Failed SMS

There are some notifications that will only be sent to the system administrator, if you wish to make any changes to these the templates are available.


System Message Displays

Relevant Notifications:

Home Page Message, User Dashboard, Mobile Banner Message

There are some template entries that are used inside of the Access Manager UI itself, these are banners that can be used to display information to users and the user dashboard in My Account.


Enabling/Disabling Specific Notifications

All notifications now have an "Enabled" options that can be used to manually enable or disable the notification in the Access Manager installations. For example if the system administrator doesn't need to be notified of minor system updates then the notifications associated with this can all be disabled. If SMS notifications need to be suspended then the SMS Gateway Email can be disabled and it will no longer be sent to the configured gateway address.


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