Enabling SSH access to your Access Manager 1.3 installation

SSH Remote Management

It's possible to connect to your Access Manager server over an SSH connection. This can allow admin users access to a system command line if they do not have access to the VM Console menu. This will allow them to perform backend and maintenance tasks. The connection process is started and configured from the VMCentre menu.



To enable SSH access, first log into VMCentre with the root user credentials. 

First we need to check to make sure that the Open SSH server is installed. Click the Updates icon on the left menu and select 'Optional Software'. If 'OpenSSH' is not installed, click the check box to install it.


Click the Settings icon on the left menu and scroll down until you see 'SSH Server'. To Start the SSH server press the 'Start' button.

To the right of the 'Start' button there is a configuration cog, selecting this will allow you to set the SSH server to start automatically when the Access Manager server boot.

Once started, you can then login over a SSH connection.  When connecting you will need to login using the 'root' user credentials.


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