How to install VMware Tools on Access Manager 1.3

Installing VMware Tools functionality onto Access Manager 1.3 Virtual Machine using Open-VM-Tools.


  • Access Manager 1.3 or above
  • Debian 7 operating system

For further information regarding Open VM Tools please check the VMware website here: 

Installing Open VM Tools requires command line access, this is done through the VMCentre menu.

Before making any changes to your VM and it's configuration, we highly recommend taking a backup or a snapshot of the VM first.

1. Log into VMCentre using the root user credentials and open a command prompt from the top menu.

2. Run the following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install open-vm-tools

Once installed, restart the Access Manager VM. You can check that Open VM Tools are installed and running by going to the Access Manager VM from the vSphere client. Check the "VMware Tools" status under the 'Summary' tab.

You have now successfully installed Open VM Tools on your Access Manager 1.3 VM.


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