Preparing to upgrade Access Manager 1.2 to 1.3

In order to upgrade your existing Access Manager installation to the latest 1.3 release there are certain system requirements that will need to be checked first. Here's a checklist to go through, once this has been done the upgrade can be processed by a support technician through a support tunnel.


  • Current Access Manager version must be a minimum of 1.2-RG10
  • Current Access Manager system must be using a Debian 7 Operating System
  • We recommend taking a system back-up and a snapshot of the VM before beginning the upgrade process

Steps to take in order to check the system

Please follow the steps below in order to make sure that it's possible to perform the 1.3 upgrade to your system.

1. First confirm that you are running the latest 1.2 RG10 release of Access Manager. There are two ways to do this:

  • From the Admin web interface the current version is displayed in the footer menu
  • From the VM Console menu the current version is displayed at the top of the main menu. 

2. Once you have confirmed you are running the latest 1.2 RG10 release we need to make sure your system is built on a Debian 7 based operation system. To do this we need to run a command from the command shell.

  • From the VM Console menu press ALT + F2 to access the command shell and login with the root user credentials. Then run the following command:
cat /etc/debian_version

The output from this command will tell you the operating system you are running. If the output is anything other than '7.xx' (for example 'squeeze/sid') then your system is not capable of being upgraded and you'll need to speak to the support team to look at different options for the 1.3 upgrade.

3. Make sure that you have a data backup from the system as well as a current snapshot of the VM. A data backup can be taken from the Admin web interface by going to Configuration -> System -> Backup and Restore -> Backup Now.

4. Once all the steps have been completed please contact our support team and arrange to have your system upgraded through a support tunnel.

If you are having any problems confirming any of the steps, they can be done by a support technician, when connected to your system they will check your configuration before upgrading it to 1.3. The upgrade process itself usually only takes a few minutes, so you there is typically very little down time for your system. It will just require a system reboot once the upgrade is complete.

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