Nervepoint Access Manager 1.3 Release Candidate

Nervepoint Access Manager 1.3 is now available for all customers to download, we do recommend taking a snapshot of your current system before attempting to use Access Manager 1.3.


Installing a New Access Manager 1.3 Instance

The following download packages are now available:

Installing the virtual machine packages is almost exactly the same in Access Manager 1.2, the main difference is the change to VMCentre for the system interface, a full breakdown of this new interface can be found in this article.


Network Interface change for Access Manager VMW6 Virtual Machine releases

As of Access Manager 1.3 all VMW6 releases of the Virtual Machine packages are preconfigured to use NAT Network Interfaces instead of the previously used Bridged Interface. As a result in some environments you may need to change Network Interface back to Bridged for the Virtual Machine to be able to establish a valid network connection.


Upgrading your Existing System

There are some requirements involved with upgrading a system to Access Manager 1.3:

  • The Access Manager system MUST be using Debian 7 Operating System. The upgrade process will NOT work for Ubuntu systems.
  • The Access Manager version must be a minimum of 1.2-RG10.
  • Take a system back-up and a snapshot of the VM.

Contact the support team at to arrange for a time to go through the upgrade process.


Existing 1.3 BETA Systems

If you are using one of the 1.3 BETA releases it is not possible to upgrade these systems, you will need to either upgrade your 1.2 system or install a new 1.3 from these releases.



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