Desktop Integration with Credentials Provider for OS X


The Access Manager Credentials Provider (or the Mac Login Agent) provides desktop integration for the Apple Mac (OS X). This allows users to perform a password reset from the login prompt.


Setup Access Manager

Before you install the Credential Provider module on your desktop clients you must first configure the API Allowed Networks list under the Remote Access tab. The image below shows an example 'allow all' configuration but it is highly recommended that you limit access to internal network IP addresses only.


The download package contains the application and configuration files.Save this to a folder on the Mac that you are installing the agent on. 




**Important for upgrades**

If you had the previous Mac Login Agent v1 installed, you MUST first uninstall the Agent, otherwise the new install will not use the new version correctly


To Uninstall, go to the directory you originally installed the Agent from and run:
Access\ Manager\ Mac\\ Manager\ Mac\ Agent –u

Which should give you output like so:

YES (0)

YES (0)

Uninstalled Successfully.



Double click the dmg file to start the installation, then double click the Access Manager Mac Agent Installer. Enter your system password when prompted.


The installer will now launch, click Next to continue.


Click Next to accept the default Destination Directory.


Type in the hostname of your Access Manager server and change the Port if you are using a non standard one.

Type in the Message you would like to appear below the user's login window, or accept the default.

Click Next to continue.


The files are then copied. Click Finish to complete the installation.


You are then prompted to restart your system. Click Yes to restart.



Once you have installed the agent, log out of the system. You should now see a “Forgot Your Password?” link below the user login. Clicking the link will open a web browser with the address defined and connect to the Access Manager server allowing you to reset your password.


Next Steps?

You may want to consider customising the Desktop authentication flow under the Authentication tab. The default configuration is to ask the user to answer a random number of their reset questions; however Access Manager does support additional modules for PIN, Passphrase and One Time Password.



To uninstall, in Finder go Access Manager Mac Agent and expand it.

Double click on Access Manager Mac Agent Uninstaller. Enter your system password when prompted.


Click Next.


Click Finish.


Click Yes to restart your system. The Agent is now uninstalled.





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