Importing User Login Details to Access Manager

Nervepoint Access Manager allows for user’s authentication information to be imported to the server from an outside source. If you already have a series of Questions or PIN that is used within your company this allows you to automatically configure Access Manager to use this details as well. Import functions are available for Questions, PIN, Passphrase, and OTP Email address and phone numbers.


Where can imports be configured?

The Import options can be found in the Authentication tab and each specific module has its own Import configuration options, for example the Questions Import options are available in Authentication > Questions.

The options that are available here are:

Simple Import Options

Character Set – This specifies the character set that the CSV file is using

Field Separator – This specifies the character that is used to separate each of the entries for each user, you will want to use a character that is not actively being used in any of the actual content.

Record Separator – This specifies the character that is used to separate each record, that being each individual user. The default \n value represents a new line.


Source Options

Upload from file on your computer – Immediately upload a file from the computer you are connecting from and apply the contents to the users.


Download from file on another computer – Immediately upload a file from a specified file location and apply the contents to the users. When this option is selected the following options will also be enabled:

Remote file URI – Set the location of the file that Is to be uploaded.

Username and Password – Provide login details for a user that would be able to authenticate and provide access to the file.


Time Options

Import Now – Selecting this will perform the upload once immediately after selecting the Import button.


Repeatedly import at certain times of the day - Selecting this option will create a new job within Access Manager that will perform an automatic import of the specified file on the schedule that you set. The Import Schedule option will be displayed when this is selected.

Import Schedule – This displays a cron expression that is used to specify the times that the Import job will be set to run. The default expression tells the system to run the import every day at midnight until the job is removed, you can find more instructions on how to configure cron expressions here (


Creating a CSV that can be imported to Access Manager

The following is an example of a CSV file using the default formatting options for questions authentication:

DNick,Bedford,Firefly,0513545135,,St. Anns
LTurnbough,New York,,5558965546,Sir Pouncealot,


The each line represents one user, the first entry is their username, followed by a value for each of the five default questions, each entry is separated by a comma even when the question being left unanswered. PIN and Passphrase use the same formatting replacing each answer with each digit or word.

Contact Details require some extra arguments to specify the type of address being provided:



Here we still specify the username first but we must also specify the type of address being added (email or mobile), whether it is a Primary or Secondary entry, the value for the entry, and it’s scope (*=All Notifications, Account, or OTP).


Once all of the entries have been set in the file save it with the .csv extension and use one of the upload procedures to import the details to Access Manager.

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