How to change the keyboard layout and language from the command shell

How to change the keyboard layout and language

Our Access Manager 1.2 VMs are configured to use a UK keyboard layout as standard. Here we show you how to easily update it to your desired layout. In this example we will show you how to change from a English (UK) keyboard to a English (US) keyboard layout.

  1. From the VM console menu press ALT+F2 to take you to the command shell.
  2. Login with the root user credentials.
  3. Run the following command to begin the keyboard configuration utility

dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Configuring the keyboard

IYou will then be taken into a wizard that allows you to configure the keyboard to your own language and layout. First select the keyboard model, Generic 105-key is the default.


The default layout will be selected, to change it we need to move down and select 'Other'.

You are then taken to a layout selection screen where you can choose the desired layout. Here we choose English (US).

To complete you need to confirm the final configuration steps by choosing the default setting for each (Unless you have any specific requirements)

Once completed you will be returned to the command shell. To make the updated keyboard layout take effect you will need to run the following command, or alternatively restart the server.

service keyboard-setup restart

Please Note -  This guide is for Access Manager 1.2 VM's running on a Debian operating system.

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