Users are being prompted for security question even though I have removed them from the authentication flow

Problem: During a Password reset or Account unlock, users are still being prompted to answer authentication Questions even though the module has been removed from the authentication flow ?

Solution: The Reset Questions module needs to be removed from ALL authentication flows including Desktop and Mobile.



By default the 'Reset Question' authentication module is assigned to all Password Reset and Account Unlock processes for Browser, Mobile and Desktop front ends. If you have configured the system to use a different authentication module like PIN or OTP and are not using Reset Questions, you need to ensure that it has been removed from ALL authentication flows and Front Ends, even if you are not using the Mobile and Desktop front ends.

  1. From the Authentication page, select the Front End dropdown menu.

  2. Selecting this will display the options for both Mobile and Desktop, select one of these and the Authentication page will update to display the options available for that interface.

  3. From here you can replace the Questions module with the module you are using.

  4. Complete this for both the Mobile and Desktop front ends.
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