Configuring Access Manger Mobile App


  • Your Nervepoint Access Manager appliance must be accessible from the Internet

Configuring the Appliance

1. In order so that users can access the Access manager on the mobile app, first you need to enable Mobile Access. As the admin go to Configuration > Remote Access and expand the Remote Access section. Ensure that “Enable Mobile Site” is enabled, then hit save.

If an external address has been assigned to Access Manager then it should also be entered into the External URL field, this will provide a QR code in the user's Dashboard to provide a link to the mobile access page and the links for the users to download the mobile app.

2. Configure the API Allowed Networks - This is where you can configure a list of networks that are allowed access to the servers API without authentication. Typically you would set this to your internal network to allow devices in the network to access the API. We suggest that you place a * in the list, this will allow any device to connect to the API. 

3. The final step is to go to the Authentication page, select the Front End option to Mobile, you will now be presented with the mobile login schemes, if these have not already been set they will be using Questions or Password authentication depending on the action, if you need to change this then do so now.

Downloading and configuring the Mobile app

All users need to download the mobile app. Either click the appropriate mobile OS from the Dashboard once they have logged into the My Account page or visit the download links below


The Android app is available through the Google Play store for free.

The iPhone app is available through the Apple Store for free.


To configure and setup the mobile apps please refer to the specific articles which are available from the links below.

Configuring Android Mobile App here.

Configuring iPhone Mobile App here.

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