How to Configure the Access Manager VM for your license type

Configuring The VM For Your License Type

When you download and deploy a new Access Manager 1.2 VM it is pre-configured to run with 1GB RAM and 1 vCPU core. This specification can be changed depending on the license type you are using. It is important to set the hardware specification correctly in order to ensure optimal performance.

The current configuration or virtual appliance type is displayed in the administration footer menu, highlighted below. Here you can see the system is 'VX100' meaning the vm has 1 vCPU configured. When the number of vCPU cores is increased for example to 4 vCPUs this will then be identified as a VX400

This information is also displayed on the VM Console menu.

Before starting up the VM, go to the system settings of the hypervisor that you are using and adjust the setting for RAM and vCPUs. Below is a guide of what the settings should be and recommended settings for the various license types.

Free Edition

The Free Edition of Access Manager is restricted to a single vCPU, there is no restriction on the amount of RAM you can assign to the VM. We recommend a minimum of 1GB RAM.

Subscription and Perpetual

Since these types of licenses are restricted by user count, there is no restrictions on the hardware that can be assigned to the VM. We recommend a minimum of 1GB RAM, this can be increased along with the number of vCPUs depending on the number of users and the complexity of your systems setup. For example if you have a large number of users or multiple directories configured you can increase the amount of RAM and the number of vCPUs accordingly to increase system performance.

VX Virtual Appliance Models

The VX Virtual appliance models are restricted by the number of vCPUs that can be assigned to them, they must therefore be configured with the correct hardware configuration in order to run at the optimum level, for example it is possible to apply a VX400 license to a VM that has only 1 vCPU assigned, so it's important to configure the VM correctly in order to maximize system performance.

There is no restrictions on the amount of RAM you can assign to VX Virtual Appliances, here's the settings we recommend for the various models.

1 vCPU (Max)

2 vCPU (Max)

4 vCPU (Max)

6 vCPU (Max)

8 vCPU (Max)

16 vCPU (Max)

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