How to connect to Access Manager using SSH remote management

SSH Remote Management
It's possible to connect to your Access Manager server over an SSH connection. This can allow admin users access to a system command line if they do not have access to the VM Console menu. This will allow them to perform backend and maintenance tasks. This can be configured through the Administration portal from Configuration -> Network -> SSH Remote management.

Check the "Enable remote SSH management" and supply the port on which the SSH server listens. From here you can also specify the networks or hosts that are allowed / denied access. When you have set everything how you want it, hit Save. 

Once configured, you can then login over a SSH connection, you will need to login using the admin credentials NOT the root user.

To access a command shell run the 'osshell' command. It's also possible to access the VM console menu over an SSH connection, please contact support if this is something you need to do.

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