Appearance - Customizing The Web Front End

You can customise the Access Manager Homepage to tailor it to your own look and requirements. In this article we will go over the following:

  • Adding your own logo
  • Customizing the Text and Descriptions
  • Applying and modifying a theme
  • Removing modules from the homepage

These can all be modified and updated from the Administration portal Appearance page, this can be found under the Configuration menu or the Authentication page.

Adding Your Own Logo

To include your own logo, from the Appearance page select -> Web User Interface.

From here you can select your own logo and favicon, click browse and select the desired files, you can also choose how to align the logo, when you've done this hit SAVE to update.

The Web User Interface also has the following options:

  • Show Footer - Select whether or now you wish the footer menu to be displayed.
  • Company Name - Will display your company name in the header.
  • Page Title - Specify a title that is displayed in the browsers title bar.
  • Company URL - You can provide a link to your companies website, it is activated when clicking on the logo. Leave this blank to return to the system's homepage when clicking.
  • Allow User Theme Selection - When enabled, users may choose their own theme.
  • Custom CSS - You may add CSS rules to customize the user interface. We have an article here that explains this in more detail.

Customizing Text and Descriptions

If you wish to change the text displayed for the various modules on the homepage, from the Appearance menu select -> Home Page. From here you can provide your own titles and descriptions for the modules that appear on the homepage screen. Click SAVE to apply them.

Applying and Modifying A Theme

Access Manager allow you to select from the various pre-set themes that are available or create your own customised theme. Click here to view an article that shows the various themes and how to customise them or create your own.

Removing Modules From The Homepage

You can specify which modules you want to appear on the homepage, if there are certain modules you do not use and do not want to appear you can easily remove them. From the Administration portal go to the Authentication menu, here you will see the enabled modules.

To remove specific modules simply uncheck them and click SAVE. In this example we have removed the "Create Account" module and below you will see the updated Homepage showing the module removed.

Please Note - Disabling "Administration Login" module will remove the administrator login link from the web portal, in order to access the administration login you will need to use the direct URL address https://nervepointURL/adminlogin.html


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