Linking User Accounts in Non-Linked Network Environments

Access Manager now provides the ability to link multiple accounts from Primary directories together. This is useful in situations where you have multiple user databases that will be using Access Manager functions and very few duplicate accounts.

Take the following example, the company's London and Paris Offices have 100 users in each user database, 90 users in each of the databases are unique but there are 10 users that have one account in each database, these accounts are not duplicated or synced in any way.

In this situation each database has been configured as a Primary directory in Access Manager so that all the unique users have access, the ten users with multiple accounts will now be able to link these through Access Manager and manage both accounts through one master account.


To begin create each directory that will be connecting to Access Manager.

The Account links can be set by either the user or the admin, when the accounts have been linked only one of the Primary accounts will now be accessible, this will be the user that performs the link.

In this case the user in the London directory performed the link so this is now the master account and using this username to login will access this account only. Attempting to login with the user from the Paris directory will direct the user to use the London account.


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