End User UI Explained

Nervepoint Access Manager uses a streamlined user interface by avoiding unnecessary clutter on both the user and admin portals. Although straightforward this article describes the key components of the user interface.

End User Login
If your end users are using the mobile app or the desktop MSI component then a subset of these actions will be available.


If your end users are using the mobile app or the desktop MSI component then a subset of these actions will be available.

  • Password Reset: it is from here you business users reset their password from the web interface. This option is also available from the mobile app and desktop MSI component.
  • Account Unlock: users who have locked themselves out by entering their credentials more than the password lockout limit (as defined by your connector) can unlock their account here. This is also available from the remote access options
  • My Account: each user has their own account within Nervepoint Access Manager authenticated by their primary connector credentials. From here users can configure their authentication answers and if required set any other details. This action is not available from the desktop MSI component.
  • Create An Account: users are able to request new accounts for the directory through the Provisioning feature, if an account request is approved then the user will be created in the user directory and authorised in the host user database. This action is only available through the web browser.

User Enrolment Wizard
When a user logs in for the first time they will be presented with the User Setup page.


This lists each of the details that Access Manager will require in order to create a complete profile. Click here for an article that explains it in more detail.

My Account Navigation
Once in the My Account page an end user can manage his own profile. Navigation is all managed from a top menu bar.


  • Dashboard: here end users can view and amend their personal information required to perform self-service resets, unlocks etc. Tasks is where they can easily see anything that is required in order to complete their profile, they can also choose to re-run the Enrolment wizard if they wish.
  • Change Password: here end users can change their password manually.
  • Contact Details: here end users can set their contact details for emails, SMS notifications and One Time Password authentication.
  • Your Answers: end users can configure their personal Questions and Answers as well as define any custom questions.
  • PIN and Passphrase: If these authentication modules are present, end users can configure their PIN and Passphrases if these are required.
  • Other Accounts: here end users can manage and configure other they have setup in Access manager 

The login portal also allows end users to change the theme of the product to cater for those that prefer a darker or lighter look and feel. Nervepoint Access Manager comes with a default set of themes that can be access from the footer in the bottom right.


End users simply select a theme from the menu before logging in.

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