Access manager VM not booting after upgrading ESXi 5.0 Host

VM Not Booting After Updating ESXi 5.0  

If you have upgraded your ESXi host from v5.0 and you receive an error message similar to the one below when launching the VM, please try the following method to fix the VM.

An error was received from the ESXi host while powering on VM <vm.filename>
Module DevicePowerOn power on failed.
Unable to create virtual SCSI device for scsi0:0, '/vmfs/volumes/xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxx.vmdk'
An unknown error has occurred.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Run VMWare vCenter Converter and convert the powered down VM to VMWare Workstation 8 (should also work with newer version of Workstation). Do this on the vCenter machine to speed things up. It will write the workstation files locally.
  2. Once the conversion completes, run vCenter Converter again.
  3. Convert the Workstation 8 machine you just created to a Virtual Infrastructure Machine (VIM) pushing it BACK to ESXi.
  4. Once this is complete, edit the machine and fix any NIC changes (in case the network settings were lost).
  5. Power on the machine, it should now boot as normal.
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