VM Console UI Explained

The VM console is the backend management solution used in Access Manager 1.2, and is available as an optional installation in 1.3. This contains basic actions to configure and manage VM this article provides details on the available options and their purpose.

VM Console UI

The VM console is available within your VM host under the Console option in ESXi in VMPlayer or VirtualBox this will appear as soon as the VM is started.

The console provides a number of options as of 1.2-RG5 these are:

  • Network
  • System
  • Support
    • Password
    • IP Restrictions
    • Callback (Emergency when Access Manager service is stopped)
    • Factory Reset
  • Restart and Shutdown


Networking allows an experienced admin to configure VM related network settings such as:

  • Change Hostname
  • Configure DHCP
  • Network Address
  • Domain Name
  • DNS Servers


The System menu contains the AutoLogin option which allows activation or deactivation of the login requirements for the VM console. This enables you to secure the login by requiring the root password if Autologin is disabled. Here is an article that explains this feature.


The Support option provides a number of recovery options.

These options are covered below.


Here you can reset the 'admin' user password that is used to access the web portal interface.

There are two administrators within Nervepoint Access Manager, the appliance administrator as well as the Nervepoint Access Manager server administrator which is configured from the install wizard and also managed from within the admin console. The admin here is used to access the admin console available from https:<server-ip>.

NOTE: This password should be changed immediately from the default.

IP Restrictions

IP restrictions is one of the authentication modules available from within the Authentication page of Nervepoint Access Manager. In times when an admin find him/herself locked out of the system due to a set IP restriction rule this action will clear all IP rules allowing the admin to get back into the administration console.


The callback function allows Nervepoint Tech engineers to access your server in case of problems. From here you can enable a secure SSL connection which will connect to Nervepoint Tech support servers for an engineer to connect into your VM and gather any required data. The tunnel is completely secure and initiated and control by the user rather than Nervepoint Technologies. Instructions on using this will be provided in the event a callback tunnel is requested by support.

Factory Reset

Resets the Virtual Machine to its default preconfigured state.

Restart and Shutdown

To shutdown the server these commands initiate an ordered and controlled shutdown of all services.

Emergency Mode

If the Access Manager service fails to start or stops for some reason, then the VM Console will enter an "Emergency Mode". Even though the Access Manager service is not running, the Emergency Mode still allows you to start a support callback, meaning you can still initiate a support callback so we can access your installation and apply any fixes that are required. 

The status of the Access Manager service is displayed at the top of the menu, if the service has stopped or has failed to start for some reason, the VM Console menu will turn Orange to warn you of this. If the service remains stopped for one minute then the menu turns Red.

If you need to initiate a support callback when in Emergency Mode go to SUPPORT -> EMERGENCY.

 This will initiate the Emergency support callback. Once the support engineer has finished press CTRL + C to exit back to the main VM Console menu.



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