Access Manager Themes

Access Manager Themes

Here we take a look at the various different themes available in Access Manager 1.2. 

Themes selection

The login portal also allows end users to change the theme of the product to cater for those that prefer a darker or lighter look and feel. Nervepoint Access Manager comes with a default set of themes that can be accessed from the footer in the bottom right.

End users simply select a theme from the menu before logging in.

 The default "Nervepoint" theme.

The "Legacy" theme.


 The "Blitzer" theme.

 The "Cupertino" theme.

 The "Delta" theme.

 The "Hot Sneaks" theme.

Customising Themes

As well as being able to select from various themes available, you can also customise and create your own, click here for an article that explains how to do this.

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