Importing a Server Certificate to Access Manager

For secure, trusted access you must install an SSL server certificate on the Nervepoint Access Manager server. The uploaded certificate file must have the following characteristics:

  • The server certificate must be issued by a Certification Authority (CA) that is trusted by end users. For best results, use a commercial CA such as VeriSign, Thawte or GeoTrust.

  • The certificate must be in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format, a text-based format that is a Base64 encoding of the binary Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER) format. (If your certificate is in PFX or P12 follow the article titled, Upload a PFX or P12 Certificate.

  • The certificate file must include a private key and the private key must not be encrypted. There should be no password required to use the PEM file.

Go to Configuration > SSL and expand the Upload Keys and Certificates section and select the Signed Server Certificate option.

Select “Choose File” and browse to the Signed Certificate provided by your Certificate Authority and then select “Upload”.

Once the certificate has been installed Access Manager will prompt for a restart in order to apply the new certificate


To complete the integration the service must now be restarted. This can be done from the “Power” button in the footer or through the VM Console.

Once the system has restarted go to the Access Manager main page and open the certificate information, the certificate information should now match that of the server certificate that was uploaded, and assuming you are connecting to the same address that the certificate is valid for it should also be Trusted.














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