User Dashboard - Tasks

The Access Manager User Interface has been updated to provide a more streamlined and easier to use experience. This interface update includes a Tasks section in the Dashboard to indicate any tasks that require configuration from the end user. These will often be tasks that are required to complete the user profile for Access Manager.


Administration Options
The system administrators can set which options are required by first assigning the authentication modules that will be used by the system, if a module is present in an authentication process then it is now required in order to complete a user profile. The requirements of each authentication module can be set within configuration page for that module, this will allow setting of the number of questions that must have answers provided, the number of digits in a PIN, or the structure of a One Time Password, etc.

It is also possible to set the text that is displayed on the Dashboard for the Tasks section, go to Configuration > Messaging page and locate the User Dashboard template.

There are two sections here, one is displayed when the user has a Profile Status List made up of the settings that need to be configured, the second is displayed when the Profile Status List has been completed and is empty.



Completed User Profile

As each listed task is completed it will automatically be removed from the requirements list, once all tasks are complete the user will have a completed active profile that can fully use Access Manager's Self Service features.

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