Installing Access Manager Credentials Provider extensions for Desktop Integration

Nervepoint Access Manager Credentials Provider allows the ability for the users to either unlock or change their password directly from their computers. Credentials Provider version 1.5 and above now include additional registry settings that can be used to change the text prompts for the Password Reset and Account Unlock prompts as well as setting the server address and port number values.

Creating Transform File for Installation

Since the client installation file is provided as a Microsoft Installer package, it is possible to create a distribution that will automatically configure the client at installation. Our recommended process for this is to edit the registry setting and create a Transform file for the installer which will set the details you wish to change at installation. To do this you will need to have Orca from the Microsoft SDK installed.



Before we can create the new installation package, some modifications are required for it to function correctly in the Windows environment:

1. Download the correct extensions from the KB site based on your clients OS (32 or 64-bit).

2. Download the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and extract the tool called ORCA.

3. With ORCA running, either open the client extensions file or drag and drop the MSI into the running program. This should then reveal the DB tables down the left hand side of the screen with their contents displayed in the right window pane.

4. Open the Transform menu option and select New Transform.

5. In the tables list select the Registry table, the registry option will now all be displayed.

6. The four registry settings of note are named Server, Port, PasswordResetText, and AccountUnlockText.

  • Server sets the address of the Access Manager installation you wish to access, this can accept the fully qualified domain name, external url, or internal IP address.
  • Port sets the operational port of Access Manager, 443 by default.
  • PasswordResetTest and AccountUnlockText set the text that is displayed for each option on the login screens.

7. Once all desired changes have been made open the Transform menu and select Generate Transform, same the Transform file with an identifiable name.

8. When running the Access Manager installation you should perform a silent installation from the command line with the following:

msiexec /qb /i NAMCredsProviderFilename.msi TRANSFORMS=transformfilename.mst

9. Credentials Provider will be installed and the registry settings will be set to those preovided to the transform file


Directly Editing the Registry

If you wish to make changes to Credentials Provider after it has been installed you'll need to do so through the registry directly. Run the Regedit application as an administrator to be able to make changes to the settings and find them located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nervepoint Technologies\Access Manager. The same four entries are present and any changes made to them are automatically saved.

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