Automating Incomplete User Profile Reminders for new and old users

As of Access Manager release 1.2 RG3 it is now possible to automate message prompts to users notifying them if their User Profile is not completed. This automation includes the ability for the system to automatically re-prompt users if their account has not been completed within a specified time from the last message. To set this login to Access Manager as an admin user and go to Configuration > Messaging and select the User Profile Incomplete Email template, below the template list the email will be displayed and the options associated with it.

There are two options:
Automatically Remind New Users - This option determines the method of communication that will be used to send the message to the users, an option other than Disabled will enable the feature.
Disabled: Reminders will not be sent automatically
Email: Reminders will be sent to the email address that is detected for this user
SMS: Reminders will be sent to users via SMS message to the phone number provided for the user
Email and SMS: Reminders will be sent to the user by email and SMS

Automatic reminder interval (days) - This option determines how long a user will have to complete their User Profile before Access Manager sends them another reminder email, the shortest period of time is 1 day, if the option is set to 0 then users will be automatically sent the message only once.

Using these new options you should be able to set a reminder schedule that fits the need of new users and old.

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