Known Issues when updating Access Manager virtual machines to release 1.2 RG3

During testing of Access Manager 1.2 RG3 we have identified two potential upgrade issues that may occur, this article explains how to resolve these.

Ubuntu based VMW6 (VirtualBox OVA/OVF downloads)
New releases of the 1.2 Virtual Machine will now use the same Debian based OS as the ESXi releases, the previous Ubuntu based VMs do not include a library that is now required. To resolve this you should either contact support who can add the library for you or you can install it manually.

To manually install libnss3-tools from the VM Console:
1. Select ALT+F2 to open the command line.
2. Login with your root user and password.
3. Run "apt-get install libnss3-tools" and confirm and prompts.
4. Once the library is installed you may return to the system to check and apply updates.

ESXi release updates configuration is incorrect
The previous release of the ESXi Virtual Machine had an incorrect configuration for detecting some updates, we've identified the issue and can resolve this through a support tunnel. Please contact support if you downloaded an ESXi VM between 20th June and 11th August in order to resolve this.

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