How to replace the default text in Access Manager

Access Manager now provides a way for you to manually override any piece of text in the system with whatever you wish to enter rather than just translating text through the locale setting. Go to Configuration > System and expand the Language section.

There are two kinds of override, 'page' overrides and 'core' overrides, to begin we'll look at a 'page' override.

You must identify the 'page' you are changing and the 'key' then provide the text that the should be shown in its place. For example if you wished to change the text on the User Login/My Account page:


These changes would result in the following changes to the User Login page


Other pages are similar, everything provided before the '@' is the 'page' name, everything after it is the 'key'. The page names for the main actions are:

  • Account Unlock – com.nervepoint.wui.selfservice.accountunlock.AccountUnlockPage
  • Password Reset - com.nervepoint.wui.selfservice.passwordreset.PasswordResetPage
  • Create Account - com.nervepoint.wui.selfservice.createaccount.CreateAccountPage
  • User Login - com.nervepoint.wui.selfservice.userportal.UserPortalLoginPage
  • Admin Login - com.nervepoint.wui.core.login.AdminLoginPage


Each of the pages has three keys:

  • @title sets the web browser title
  • @subtitle sets the page title
  • @description sets the text below the subtitle




A 'core' override only use a key and is used in options that use the Access Manager API, options for the desktop app and mobile interface mainly but some configuration options are also 'core' overrides. For example you can change the text displayed for each of the options in the mobile interface:

rpc.MOBILE.accountUnlockScope.title=Locked your Account?


Other overrides available for the Mobile interface include:

  • Account Unlock option – rpc.MOBILE.accountUnlockScope.title
  • Password Reset option – rpc.MOBILE.passwordResetScope.title
  • Change Password option - rpc.MOBILE.passwordChangeScope.title
  • Update Account option - rpc.MOBILE.userPortalLoginScope.title



Attached to this article is a text file which contains every single override in Access Manager and the default line that is set. If you are looking to make significant changes to your system you can use the Find tool to locate the original line and then provide the adjusted key to the Overrides table.

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