Self Service Account Linking

Accounts can be linked together by either the Admin user or the users themselves. To link accounts from the My Account page first go to Account > Other Accounts, from the dropdown list select the secondary directory that the user you will link belongs to.

You will need to enter the username and password of the user on the secondary directory.

If the details are entered correctly and the connection to the secondary directory is clear then the two accounts will now be linked you can see all linked accounts from the Other Accounts page as you can see below this account has another linked account.

Linking accounts allows the user to manage the password for all linked accounts by using only the account details of the primary user.



Multiple Account Password Changes
With a linked account you can reset passwords for any one of your accounts.


Multiple Password Resets
With linked accounts you can also perform password resets for one or all accounts only having authenticated with the primary user.

Multiple Account Unlocks
With linked accounts Access Manager will attempt to unlock all accounts at the same time. 










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