Approving a New Account Request

Account creation requests appear in the Approvals tab under Provisioning as shown below.


If a manager has been assigned as an approver of a department then he will have an additional tab as shown below.



Completing Registration
If the administrator has configured the Department to allow editing of user attributes then the attributes will be editable. If the admin has set the Provision Visibility on an attribute to Required then these attributes will need populating before the account can be created.

As you can see in the image the Telephone number is a required field but not setting this the account cannot be provisioned.



To approve the account or reject simply press the appropriate button.


When rejecting an account you will be requested to provide rejection details which will be sent to the end user.


If Delete approval is not selected as part of the notification to the awaiting end user a unique URL is provided where they can edit and resubmit their request.


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