Creating a New Account

New accounts can be requested by the end user through the account creation wizard which is initiated by selecting the Create An Account option on the main portal as shown below. This allows an end user to make the request, providing their own data and then allowing a manager to review before approving and creating the requested account.

Administrators and Department Managers can approve accounts from the Provisioning Approvals section in their own accounts.


Providing User Details

Selecting Create an Account will open the account creation wizard. This will request details that will be used to create the account.

Default Requirements:

  • Department: A list of Provisioning Departments that are configured in Access Manager are displayed here, choose the department you are requesting an account in
  • Email: Provide a contact email address that can be used to notify you of changes to the status of the account request.
  • Global Attributes (Basic Requirements): These are the attributes that are required on all connectors further details on attributes can be found under the Provisioning section.
  • The remaining tabs hold further attributes as defined by the admin during creation of the Department. In the below image you can see an additional General tab which has been configured under the provisioning page to be shown. More info can be found in the section titled, Provisioning.


Setting the Password

The final step in the request is setting an initial password that will be assigned to the account. The password rules from the are shown to the right and are based on the connector this department is linked to. Select Finish to complete the Account Creation wizard.


After the wizard has completed the Account Approval will be available to the Administrators and Managers of the department used, they will be able to Approve or Reject the request.

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