Users receive error code 00002077 when attempting to reset password

Problem: Users unable to reset their passwords see "Failed to set password. Reason Code 00002077"

Solution: An incorrect port number could have been appended to the domain controllers address when your Active
Directory was auto detected during set-up or SSL is not enabled in the Directory configuration. Here's what to check:

1. Check the Active Directory configuration in Access Manager. In the domain controller field, if there has been a port appended to the end, for example "dc.example.local:389" try removing the port number so it just reads 
"dc.example.local" and click Save.



2. Also make sure you have SSL enabled in the directory configuration as this will allow Access Manager to have full read / write access to your Active Directory, go to Directories -> Configuration -> Advanced and select SSL from the Protocol drop down menu. Of course you should also check to make sure that Active Directory is correctly configured to use SSL, here'a link to an article that explains how to configure SSL on Active Directory.




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