Preparing to upgrade Access Manager from 1.1 to 1.2

Question: I'm currently running Access Manager 1.1 can I upgrade to the latest 1.2 release.?

Answer: Yes, we can upgrade you're 1.1 installation to 1.2. If you wish to do this our support engineers will need to do this for you through a support tunnel.

Here's a few things you will need to do before we can perform the upgrade:

  1.  Firstly we highly recommend taking a snapshot of your VM before upgrading. In the unlikely event that there's a problem with the upgrade, you can always roll back to this snapshot. 
  2. Upgrade your 1.1 installation to the latest R16 release if you are not already running it. To do this go to Configuration -> Updates then hit Check updates. After that you should see updates available, hit Update and the system will update and eventually ask you to restart.
  3. Check your system is running 1.1 R16. To do this look at the version number displayed in the footer.
  4. Contact our support team to arrange to have your 1.1 installation upgraded through a support tunnel.
  5. Confirm to our support team what virtualization system your VM is running on, ESXi, Hyper-V, VirtualBox etc.
  6. Specify whether the 1.1 installation you are using was a downloaded VM or a self build system you set up yourself. Please also specify whether you have the VM console screen present on your installation 

Once we are connected to your system with will check your configuration before upgrading it to 1.2 The upgrade process itself usually only takes a few minutes, so you there is almost no down time for your system. It will just require a system reboot once the upgrade is complete.


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