Support Terms

All customers purchasing one of our products receives a support and maintenance contract for free up to the duration of the purchased license.

The terms of this support contract are as follows:

  • You will get access to the latest updates to your distribution and email-based access to our support team
  • Support hours are 09:00 - 17:30 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Target response times: 48 hours for non-critical requests, 24 hours for critical requests
  • One user per licensed product is eligible to submit requests

Reporting a Bug

When reporting a problem or a suspected issue with the software the more detail you can provide to our support team, the better. Please include the log file and version number and any applicable files that may assist us with locating the source of the problem.

Please send an email to with as much detail as possible. We will respond and keep you informed as to when a fix will be available. 

Support Tunnel

It may be necessary for our support engineers to access your instance remotely. We will ask you to enable the support channel and we will initiate a secure tunnel to access your installation. This is completely secure and no personal or private data is taken.

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