Nervepoint Access Manager Mobile Apps - Android

Many businesses have a number of employees that work remotely, either out of the office for long periods or from home. These users can lack the tools to be able to manage their own account. Nervepoint Access Manager can resolve this issue through the use of our mobile application, in this article we will cover the Android app. 

The Android app is available through the Google Play store for free.



In order to begin accepting mobile sessions Access Manager must first be configured, as the admin go to Configuration > Remote Access and expand the Remote Access section. Ensure that “Enable Mobile Site” is enabled, and then enter a wildcard entry, *, to API Allowed Networks.



If an external address has been assigned to Access Manager then it should also be entered into the External URL field, this will provide a QR code in the user's Dashboard to provide a link to the mobile access page.



Finally go to the Authentication page and set the Front End option to Mobile, you will now be presented with the mobile login schemes, if these have not already been set they will be using Questions or Password authentication depending on the action, if you need to change this then do so now.


Access Manager will now be ready to start accepting connections to the Mobile interface, launch the Mobile app. To begin go to the Settings page, accessed through the menu, here you can manually enter the address of the Access Manager instance you wish to connect to, or scan the QR code generated by the server with the External URL.



Connecting to the Access Manager instance will load the mobile interface where the actions that have been enabled will be displayed.



Assuming all options have been enabled you will be able to Reset your Password, Unlock your Account, Change you password, and Update your account details.



The Mobile App provides another level of flexibility for Access Manager use, giving your users another option when they forget their password or lock their account. An iOS app is also available, instructions for configuring and using this are available in this article,

Nervepoint Access Manager Mobile Apps - iOS

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