Using "Profile Check" module to inform a user has an incomplete profile when attempting password reset

Problem: A user who has not set-up their profile yet is seeing the default security questions when they click "Password Reset" or "Unlock Account".

Solution: Place the "Profile check" module in the authentication flow to make Access Manager check the user has a complete profile and tells them that their account has not been configured for self service.

The purpose of the Profile Check is to ensure that users who have not configured the minimum authentication details are informed right away, they are told that their account has not been configured for self service and won't get to the questions authentication stage. Here's how to implement it.

1. From the admin panel click on Authentication.

2. Add the "Profile Check" module to the Password Reset and Account Unlock flows, placing it immediately after the "User Name" module in the flow.

3. Click Save.


Below is a link to another article that explains Profile check in detail and tells you how to implement it.

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