Disabling Autologin to Secure the VM console menu

Problem: Can you secure the VM console menu against unauthorised access.?

Solution: Yes. A new feature of the latest Access Manager 1.2 RG release is the ability to secure your VM console menu by disabling "Autologin". By default you will be automatically logged into the VM console menu. When "Autologin" is disabled, you are then required to provide the root password (This was set when Access Manager was first set-up) when you want to access to the VM console menu, thereby protecting it against any unauthorised users. 

Here are the steps required to enable this feature and secure the VM console menu. (Please ensure you know the root password before enabling this feature).

1. From the main VM console menu select "SYSTEM".
2. Press OK to disable console autologin. (You will be reminded that you will require the root password to be able access the menu)
3. Select "EXIT"

To access the VM console menu, you will need to log in as 'root' and enter the root password.


To re-enable Autologin, do the following:

1. Log back into the VM console by logging in as 'root' and enter your password.
2. From the main VM console menu select "SYSTEM".
3. Press OK to enable console "Autologin".

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