Enable Support Tunnel - Access Manager 1.1

Enable Support Tunnel

Note: External network access is required so your server can establish a connection to our support servers.

The support tunnel option can be found under Configuration->Support as shown below.



when instructed simple check the 'Enable Support Call-back' switch. The status is shown on the right.

Set an Identifier

You will also need to provide an identifier either:

  • Name - your registered name
  • Email address - your registered email address
  • Support ticket number - an engineer will have given you a ticket number

This information will enable the support engineer can pick up the correct call.

This enables a secure connection between Nervepoint Technologies support servers and your instance and enables our support engineers to diagnose any problems you may be having.

Disabling Support Tunnel

Once the problem has been resolved the support engineer will disconnect and you can safely turn 'Enable Support Call-back' switch to off, the status beside the switch will show 'Not active'

 Support Channel Status

The status shown to the right are as follows:

Not Active - support channel closed

Conencting - support channel is connecting with Nervepoint Technologies support servers

Awaiting Operator - support channel established awaiting for a support engineer to connect

Active - support engineer connected

Error - connection failed

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