End User Guide Primer

This article guides you through the key components of using Nervepoint Access Manager as an end user with minimum of fuss. This article has simply collated all the key articles from the knowledge base to save you having to find them.

  1. End User UI Explained: understand the end user UI, where everything is and what each button does
  2. Configuring User Profiles: User Profiles will need to be completed in order for users to be able to use Access Manager, these actions include Managing your Profile, and Configuring Authentication.
  3. Reset a Password: learn how to end users can reset a forgotten password 
  4. Unlock a Locked Account: learn how end users can unlock their accounts
  5. Changing Passwords Regularly: in most cases an end user will need to regularly change his/her password, learn how in this article
  6. Android mobile app Remote Access/ iPhone Mobile app Remote Self Service: with all the basics out the way its time to use the mobile app
  7. Desktop Self Service: even easier is the desktop component, once installed end users can manage their account from the Windows Desktop

For additional information that is outside the scope of this article please take a look through the forums to find exactly what you need.

The next steps

There are other primers to help you get up and running in addition to other articles within the knowledge base. For installation help refer to the Installation Primer or for help administering the server refer to the Administration Primer.

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