End User Authentication Basics

Security is at the heart of Nervepoint Access Manager one of its greatest assets. It offers an unparalleled number of authentication options from, simple password authentication to PIN, Passphrase and IP restrictions in addition to multi-factor authentication. This articles describes authentication from an end user perspective for information on managing and configuring authentication refer to the, Authentication Basics, article.

Authentication Configuration

Nervepoint Access Manager provides a number of authentication factors:

  • Password
  • PIN
  • One time email passwords
  • IP restrictions
  • Captcha

The last three do not require any answers setting by the end user the remaining however do through the My Account page using the top navigation as shown below.


For each authentication module configured by the admin that requires end user answers the end user sees an authentication tab within their My Account from where he/she can set their answers.

NOTE: If the admin opts to remove an authentication module it will be removed from the end users portal as well to help keep things simple for the end user.

No matter how the admin has configured authentication, using a single authentication method or multi-factor authentication for one or all access points the end user simply needs to provide answers to each authentication factor enabled. The next two sections provide example of configuring authentication answers by configuring passphrase and PIN authentication answers.

Configuring Passphrase

Passphrase is configured from the Passphrase button as shown below.


The input fields are free-form text fields, Nervepoint Access Manager offers a Generate New Phrase option which will automatically generate a phrase which the end user can save and use, edit, or get further ideas from.

NOTE: If using two-way encryption then hitting Show passphrase on screen will allow an end user to see his/her passphrase at any time.

Configuring PIN

PIN is configured from the PIN button as shown below and follows the same concepts as Passphrase configuration.


The input fields are free-form numerical fields if you require ideas then clicking on the Generate New PIN will provide the end user with suggestions which can either be saved or edited.

NOTE: If using two-way encryption then hitting Show PIN on screen will allow an end user to see his/her PIN at any time.



A video explaining these options can be found on our Youtube Channel (http://youtube.com/nervepointtech) at http://youtube.com/watch?v=k72pb1EvgmA.

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