Managing My Account: My Account page

This article describes how end users can manage their own profile in Nervepoint Access Manager by using the My Account page. The page allows end users to set security answers as well as the ability to change their own password.

My Account

The My Account page is where the end user can manage his/her own account. The first thing the end user sees when logged in is the Dashboard page as shown below.


My Account is split into multiple sections that allow the user to configure their account:

  • Dashboard
  • Account Linking (Other Accounts)
  • Contact Details
  • Authentication Details

Authentication is detailed in the authentication article here, End User Authentication Basics.


The Dashboard provides the Change Password function, and if configured the QR code for the external URL. Change Password allows the user to perform a standard password change by supplying the current password with the new one. The QR code is activated when Access Manager is configured with an External URL, the code can be scanned by barcode reader app on you mobile device or through the Nervepoint Access Manager mobile app and will direct the device to the mobile interface of the system.


Other Accounts

If Access Manager has been configured with multiple user directories it is possible to link the users different directories together allowing for one user to manage multiple accounts. Through the Other Accounts page the user can specify accounts from other directories that they wish to add to their accounts control, for example their Active Directory account can be configured to also manage their user in an SSH database.


Contact Details

By default Nervepoint Access Manager reads an accounts email and mobile phone number from the primary attributes of the user database but in situations where these are not set automatically users can provide their own details through the Contact Details page.


These details can be set to be used not only in email notifications but also for One Time Password authentication.


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