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To increase end user adoption user's must not feel inconvinienced in anyway which is why Nervepoint Access Manager not only offers a web-portal for interacting but also a mobile app and desktop integration. This article describes the desktop integration component enabling end users to self service administer their account without ever leaving their Windows desktop.

Remote Access with Desktop Integration

Remote access via desktop is a two step process:

  1. Admin configuration
  2. End user usage

For the first part refer to the administrator article, Install Desktop Component. The remainder of this article details the second step, end user usage. 

Installing Component

The bulk of the integration process is performed by the administrator the only action item required by the end user is installation of the MSI package which will be sent to end users by the administrator. In most cases it will be automatically installed however in those cases it is not the end user simply needs to double-click the MSI package and let it install using the default settings.

Once installed the end user will instantly get two options under his/her Windows login prompt as shown below.

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 12.01.30.png

Using Desktop Component

Once installed the end user can reset forgotten passwords or unlock their account right from within their login screen as shown below with a Password Reset example.

Question and Answer Authentication


Setting Password

The desktop component also provides information on the required password rules.


Successful Password Change

Again like the web-portal the end user recieves an email notificaiton on successful password change.

password reset summary desktop.png

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