Changing Passwords Regularly: Change password

In most situations users will change their password from the Change Password action in their own accounts rather than performing a password reset. This article details this function and the simple steps to required to change password.

Change Password

Change Password is available from My Account page and should be the place to go when a user is required to change their password under normal circumstances such as:

  • Password soon to expire
  • Password compromised
  • Notification to change password received

These are situations where the end user is aware of their own password but wishes to change it regardless. Password Reset should only be used in situations where a user has forgotten his/her password and cannot access any services because of this.

Change password action is available from Change Password under the My Account Page.


The process to change a password is:

  1. Enter your old password
  2. Enter a new password
  3. Repeat new password
  4. Save

If any password rules are required by the connected userbase these will be shown to the right.


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