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One of the unique features of Nervepoint Access Manager is the ability for end users to remotely manage their accounts on the move using the mobile app. This article describes what the end user needs to do to successfully configure and use the mobile app.

Remote Access with Mobile App

Remote access via mobile is a two step process:

  1. Admin configuration
  2. End user configuration

For the first part refer to the administrator article, Enabling Remote Access via Mobile App. The remainder of this article details the second step, End user configuration as well as usage.

Download Mobile App

The mobile app can be accessed from the from Downloads section in the My Account page as shown below or can be accessed directly from the appstore here, iTunes.


When launching the mobile app for the first time the user will be asked to register their username and email address.


This email address must corropsond to your email address under located under My Account. If no email has been defined then this should be done first.


Hitting Reigster will force Nervepoint Access Manager to send an email with a unique registration code to the email address this will need entering as shown below.


Once successfully entered hit Confirm.

Ready for Remote Access

After confirmation the mobile app is ready to use and will safely communicate with your server. End users will be presented with the Mobile app portal interface not too disimilar from the web-portal interface.


Note: Each mobile app is tied to a single user.

Video Usage Guide

For a visual guide on using the mobile app refer to the video below.

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