Installing Access Manager on Microsoft Azure

This article shows you how to install Nervepoint Access Manager in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment. You will need an account on Azure either a fully paid account or trial account and be familiar with navigating and using Azure.

Nervepoint Access Manager is available from the Azure Depot here. It is also visible from the depot browser from within your Azure portal as described below.

Installing the Image

  1. Navigate to your Azure portal->Virtual Machine Images
  2. Select Images and then browse VM Depot

  3. This will open up the depot explorer dialog. Select Ubuntu as the base OS and then scroll down until you find Nervepoint Access Manager. Hit Next.

  4. Now that you have located the image simply select next and you will be required to fill in your storage details

Configuring the Instance

Once the image is installed you will need to perform two actions to get the instance running and be accessible.

  1. Firstly as with any Linux image you need to set a root password. The default user as with any Nervepoint Access Manager is administrator/administrator
  2. Once done set 3 endpoints for the instance these are needed to provide access to the server:
    • HTTPS: 443
    • HTTP: 80
    • Webmin: 10000


     All ports should be the same for public and private values.

  3. With all the ports set it is time the start the instance. To access the installation wizard open up a browser to https://<azure dns name>. The webmin interface will be accessible from, https://<azure dns name>:10000. The azure DNS name can be found from the VM dashboard page. You can now follow the article on 'Running the Installation Wizard' from, 'Step 1 License Agreement'
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