Desktop Integration for Windows XP

***This article applies to Access Manager version 1.1 or greater***


The Access Manager GINA module provides Desktop Integration for the Windows XP Logon Dialog.



Setup Access Manager

Before you install the GINA module on your desktop clients you must first configure the API Allowed Networks list under the Remote Access tab. The image below shows an example 'allow all' configuration but it is highly recommended that you limit access to internal network IP addresses only.

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 17.34.03.png


Microsoft Installer packages are available and provide standard options for unattended installs. Please note that a reboot is required before the logon dialog will show the account action options.

Version 2.0 **Last updated 1st November 2013** 




Run the installer on your machine; where prompted enter the IP address or hostname of your Access Manager appliance.


Silent Install Option

If you need to run a silent install you can pass the server details through on the command line using the HOSTNAME property.

msiexec /qb /i NAMGinaSetup.msi HOSTNAME=


Installing on Multiple Machines

There are several methods of deploying to multiple machines. We have used PSExec to install across the network on multiple machines using the instructions outlined here:


Next Steps?

You may want to consider customising the Desktop authentication flow under the Authentication tab. The default configuration is to ask the user to answer a random number of their reset questions; however with the 1.1 release of Access Manager additional modules PIN, Passphrase and One Time Password have been introduced.


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