Profile Check Authentication

Profile Check is an Authentication Module that will perform a check of user accounts to ensure that they have provided enough authentication answers to their account in order to successfully complete the authentication process that is currently in progress.


Adding a Profile Check to an Authentication Process

The above image shows how to setup profile check for inclusion in an authentication scheme. There are two configuration conditions for profile check to work effectively: 

1. The module is best used when placed immediately after the User Name module.
2. The module needs a Validate module to enforce the results of the check, it is best to set this directly after the Profile Check module.

After the Profile Check and Validate modules have been set Save the authentication process.

Profile Check During Authentication

When the Profile Check is initiated it will check the account for any and all authentication details that will be requested in the authentication scheme. If the scheme includes PIN or Passphrase then these will be checked as well as Questions. As users need to be able to login to their accounts in order to set authentication details Profile Check cannot be added to either 'My Account' or 'Administrator' portals.

If Profile Check determines that the account is not completed, or does not meet the requirements for the current process, then an error will be shown indicating that their account has not been configured for self service. If the user passes the check then authentication will continue, using the process above the user would be presented with the Questions entry

The purpose of the Profile Check is to ensure that users who have not configured the minimum authentication details are informed right away. By placing profile check immediately after the username entry you will be able to identify which users are having legitimate authentication issues and which have not configured their authentication details.

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