Editing the Appearance of Nervepoint Access Manger by using Custom CSS

This article provides details for how to make changes to the visual appearance of the Nervepoint Access Manager web pages by using the CSS Editing features provided.


 To access the CSS Editing functionality logon to your Nervepoint Access Manager server with your admin user and go to Configuration > Branding, in this section you'll find a text field labelled Custom CSS.




The process of adding style changes is:

1. Identify the CSS selectors

2. Define the changes that need to be made

3. Enter new CSS into the Custom CSS field.


Once complete any matching CSS changes made in the Custom CSS field will override whatever is set by Access Manager.



Identify CSS Selectors


In order to identify the CSS entries you will need to use a tool that will allow you to inspect the appropriate Access Manager page such as FireBug for Firefox. In the images in this article I am using Chrome’s built-in functionality for this accessed from the Inspect Element menu option.




With Chrome you simply hover over an piece of HTML on the page and the CSS selector and current styling is shown in the bottom pane.



Define changes to CSS Selectors

Using the Inspect Element function I'm able to not only find the appropriate code but I am also able to make temporary changes to see how they will affect the page, any changes made are local only and will be reset to normal once the page is reloaded. Doing this I can plan out the changes that will need to added to the Custom CSS field in order achieve the changes we are looking to apply.





Once you have decide which CSS Selectors you need to edit to achieve your desired appearance it is then a simple case of inserting these into the Custom CSS field as shown in the next step.



Enter CSS Changes to Custom CSS field

Once all Custom CSS entries have been identified they can be added to the Custom CSS field. When all changes have been added you can save the changes to the Nervepoint Access Manager.



Saved changes should be applied immediately, by returning to the login screen you'll see that it is now significantly different due to the changes we've made to this area.



A video explaining this process can be found on our Youtube Channel (http://youtube.com/nervepointtech) at http://youtube.com/watch?v=PMgzRRdgmj8.

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