Email Configuration: Configuration and templates

Nervepoint Access Manager notifies end users of actions carried out on their accounts, from password changes to reminders about password expiration. This article details where mail and email options can be configured covering basic mail server settings, email template configuration and enabling automatic soon to expire password reminders.

Mail Server Settings

SMTP mail server settings are configured from the Network tab under Configuration.

By default Nervepoint Access Manager runs in simple mode which provides a basic postfix mail server. If you wish to use your own mail server simply uncheck Enable Simple email mode which will provide configuration options as below.

From here you can configure the following mail settings:

  • Default Sender Address: the email address in the sent from field
  • Archive Address: send a copy of every email sent by Access Manager to this email address
  • Message Concurrency: The number of messages that will be sent in batch of emails
  • Message Delay: The delay between each batch of emails (in seconds)
  • Mail Server Hostname: hostname of your mail server
  • Mail Server Port Number: the port your mail server listens on
  • Mail Server Username/Password: credentials for accessing your mail server used by Nervepoint Access Manager
  • TLS: if your mail server supports TLS encryption then this should be enabled

For specific instructions on configuring Microsoft Exchange 2010 please refer to this article.

Send Test Email

You can easily and quickly check your email configuration by sending a test email. Click the Send Test Email button and an email will be sent to the address specified in the "Default Sender Address" field, allowing you to confirm that all of your settings are correct.


Managing Email Templates

From the Template page you can define what messages your users receive during various actions they perform on their Identity.


All messages can be edited by selecting the appropriate message and both Text and HTML messages can be written using the wysiwyg editor below.

Dynamic Variables

Nervepoint Access Manager also supports dynamic variables within each email, when the email is sent the variables are replaced with the correct contextual information for example $idvSession.identity.fullname is replaced by the name of the user the message is intended for. The following variables can be used in your templates:

Q&A Reminder Variables



Password Reset & Account Unlock Variables

newPassword (if available)

Managing Expiry Schedules

Nervepoint Access Manager can be configured to send emails automatically when your end user emails are soon to expire through the Email Expiry Templates. To enable this simply set a delivery type (Email, SMS, or Both) from the Message Type option in the Password Near Expiry or Password Expired Email and SMS message templates. When this is set users will receive expiry notifications in that delivery method, the schedule is defined by the option configured in this section.


Configuring the schedule is simply a matter of adding numbers in the Warn days before expiry field and selecting Add. This defines a list of how many days before expiry the Password Near Expiry notification should be sent. By default this is, 10 days before expiry, 2 days before expiry and 1 day before expiry. The templates also includes variables to dynamically inform the end user how many days are left and on which date the password will expire.

You can also define if the notifications should only be sent to users with active Access Manager accounts or to all users in the directory by setting the Only send to active users option, enabled by default the notifications are limited to active accounts only, but if you disable this option and save the change then all users in the directory can be notified, this is a good way to get users into Access Manager with configured accounts before their passwords expire.

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