Increasing End User Adoption: Reminders, templates and remote access

One of the challenges with any new system is getting buy in from your end users it is especially important if the system is for their benefit. This article describes a few options within Nervepoint Access Manager to help ease the process.


From the Dashboard and Identities page you can send end users a reminder that they need to register with the system.

incomplete profile.png

This locates all Identities that have not completed enough authentication values thus preventing them from resetting or unlocking their account. This function looks across all access points, web, mobile and desktop to make sure all users are able to use the system regardless of how they access the portal. For example if you have multi-factor authentication configured PIN and Passphrase on the web-portal for password reset pressing the reminder button/link will find those users that have not provided answers to one or both of these authentication factors.

Initially all your users will need to register but as more and more register the number will come down, you can see how many have registered using the Incomplete Profile Chart.


Email Templates

The actual email that gets send to these users can also be configured from the Template page.

incomplete profile template.png

Selecting the User Profile Incomplete Email template from above allows you to then edit the content. Using HTML as the format you can also make sure your emails conform to your corporate email branding.

Desktop Integration

A good way to get users adopted and using your new system is to provide as many ways to use the product as possible; Nervepoint Access Manager provides not only the web-portal but also desktop integration and mobile support.

The Windows desktop MSI component can be downloaded from here for Vista and above and here for Windows XP. Since its an MSI package you can distribute it to your end users easily through an Active Directory Group Policy Object so your users get it on login or via email.

Refer to the Vista and XP links on how to configure the desktop intergration

Mobile app

Another way to ease adoption is through mobile, with so many end users working remotely a mobile app can increase the adoption rate. You can download the mobile app from the iPhone store and you can find instructions on how to configure your Nervepoint Access Manager for mobile support by following this article, mobile support.

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