Visual Radars: Dashboard, System Notifications

This article highlights some of the key visual information within Nervepoint Access Manager ranging from the charts available from the dashboard to the notification architecture built into the Nervepoint Access Manager admin architecture.


At the heart of Nervepoint Access Manager is the administrator's dashboard which details all key user related information.

Licensing and SSL

The upper portion of the dashboard provides status details of your current license and mobile app integration.


  • License: This provides details on when your license expires as well as your user count based on your license and how many of those user seats you have remaining. User is counted as anyone who has a profile ('My Account' page) to configure their authentication information.
  • SSL: This provides details on the state of Access Manager's SSL certificate. This details the type of certificate that is present and the amount of time that remains. Following the Manage SLS link will take you to the Configuration > SSL page.


The second portion of the dashboard are the charts which provides information on your users and their behaviour.


  • Last Password Change: This reports on password changes over the course of the last 30 days.
  • Last Login: This reports on the login history of your users allowing you to identify suspicious login activity
  • Password Expiry: This chart gives a breakdown of password expiration allowing you to identify users that are soon to expire, already expired etc.
  • Account Activity: This reports on the activity of your users so you can easily see whether you have any dormant accounts
  • Incomplete Profiles: This is where the states your user profiles are displayed. In the dashboard chart there are two states "Complete" and "Incomplete", "Complete" means a user has logged into Access manager and has completed their profile fully, and can therefore begin to use it. "Incomplete" means a user has either logged into their account and has only partially completed it or they have not logged in at all. This information can be looked at more closely from the Identities page where users are grouped further and are viewable with more specific filters.

    There are two filters that count towards an "Incomplete" state, the "All users with incomplete profiles" and "All users who have not accessed their profile" filters. The first will list users that have logged into their account but and not yet completed the profile, the second is users that have not yet even logged into their account. These two filters combine to give the result for incomplete profiles in the Dashboard chart.


As part of the admin console the system will report in real-time when system events have occurred or completed.


 The notification tab will appear when their is something to report. If there are multiple messages these can all be looked at. You can find it in the upper right-hand corner

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