Configuring Self Service Questions

Self Service questions page is broken into 3 areas.


Nervepoint Access Manager Self Service Questions


Configuring Questions

The first section allows bsuiness users to set questons for business users to answer.


  • Wipe - wipes the answer set for this question for all users. Users will need to key in a new answer.
  • Delete - delete this question from the list of questions users need to answer

Adding Extra Questions

The deafult install comes with 5 questions. Selecting the 'Add a new question' adds an additional question.



The second sections is configuration of the above questions.


Nervepoint Access Manager Configuring Questions



  • Number of correct Answers Required - during password self service actions this defines how many answer need to be correct to authenticate the user
  • Number of Self Service Questions to Display - this value defines how many questions should be presented to the user. You cannot show less than the amount you require answering
  • Minimum Answer Size - the max length of each answer
  • Maximum Answer Size - the min length of each answer


The final section allows an adminstrator to make changes that are system wide.


Nervepoint Access Manager Self Service Questions Advanced Config



  • Wipe all user answers - this wipes all answers currently set by all users
  • Send reminder email - this sends emails to all users who have not answered all questions yet

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